Sick Visits

Download our Medication Dosing Chart (PDF).

During Office Hours

The staff and providers at The Pediatric Clinic strive to accommodate the varying needs of all of our patients. Office appointments are triaged into three basic categories:

Non-Urgent – Such as a yearly physical – may need to be scheduled months in advance

Semi-Urgent – Such as chronic headaches, weight loss – may be scheduled within the next several days or

Urgent – Will need to be seen the same day

Follow-Up Visits

For continuity of medical care, all follow-up appointments for an illness will be scheduled with the same physician. If your child was recently seen for the same illness process, let our receptionist be aware of your previous visit.

ER and Hospitalization Follow-ups

Make the receptionist aware of your recent ER or hospitalization when making an appointment. We most certainly want to gather all the information such as notes, lab/x-ray reports and discuss your child’s case with the physician that provided care prior to your arrival. Our healthcare providers and the pediatricians at our hospitals have a great relationship; we communicate often so your care will remain continuous.

Each provider has time slots each day for all appointment types. Be sure to communicate to our office staff exactly what your concerns are so we may most appropriately schedule your child’s appointment. Our staff will try to accommodate your child’s medical needs; if you believe you need more help, request to speak to a nurse. Do NOT use e-mail for illnesses, or the Patient Portal for urgent or timely concerns.

Advice About Telephone Advice

Simply stated, if your child has a truly urgent medical need, it is best to make an appointment to have him/her seen. Do not use the Patient Portal for timely medical concerns. Our front office staff is not trained to give medical advice; your concerns will be directed to one of our medical providers. While we will attempt to answer all calls promptly, sometimes nurses and other health care providers will only be able to answer phone calls as time allows between patients. Often, return calls occur at lunch and after hours. Don’t risk waiting.

For non-urgent medical advice, leave your child’s name and a current phone number for us to contact you. In-depth concerns will require a visit or conference with your medical provider.

School & Work Excuses

School and work excuses will be given at the time of your child’s visit. Misplaced excuse slips can easily be faxed as requested.

Due to abuses, school and work excuses can not be written unless the patient has been seen; chronic illness forms will be completed on an individual basis.

A FMLA form can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF) or visiting the Forms section of this web site.

Contacting the Health-Care Provider On Call

Call the tRMC Hospital Operator at (803) 395-2200.

If we do not return your call within 30 minutes – call the operator again – humans and pagers are far from infallible.

This service is intended to help you through the night – until the office opens or to alleviate a potentially more serious medical problem. If immediate medical care is required, we will assist. Routine health care concerns and refills should be addressed during regular office hours.

To best help us – help you, the following is information we may want to know:

  • Child’s name, age, and current weight
  • Your specific concern
  • Important medical history
  • Medication allergies
  • An available pharmacy to you @ the call time (for Rx’s)


Depending on your child’s particular needs, we will make recommendations and assist you for all referrals, consultations and hospitalizations. Also, we will accommodate your requests when hospitalization is necessary. Presently, we have both personal and professional relationships with tRMC, Palmetto Children’s, and MUSC Children’s Hospital.

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