Special Services

Our special services are considered beyond the parameters of what is available daily. The following are our most commonly requested (while others are available by request):

  • Specialty Pediatrics
  • Complimentary Prenatal Visits
  • Sports Physical Clinics
  • Weight Management Guidance (Healthy Lifestyles Clinic)
  • ADHD and Other Behavioral Services
  • Section 504 and IEP Recommendations
  • Behavior Management
  • School Observations
  • Educational Classes
  • CPR Classes
  • Basic First Aid for Parents
  • And more by request

Forms that we may request be completed prior to or after your appointment: Vanderbilt NICHQ and follow-up forms may be downloaded from the Forms page of this web site. (NICHQ’s will be assessed for a fee that may not be covered by your insurance.)

Sports Clinics
It is advised to plan and maintain your child’s health care regardless of their participation on a school sports team. Should a team have several members that require an updated physical exam for sports participation, call our office to discuss a sports clinic day/evening.

In-Office Laboratory Services

About our Lab Technician
Ann Hawkins has proven herself as an invaluable resource to the functioning of our lab as well managing our referrals. She has years of experience “on the road.”

Quality – OSHA regulations
The Pediatric Clinic boasts high scores on all OSHA evaluations. We are proud to offer the basic lab tests of a pediatric office while maintaining the quality you expect for your child. Available Office Lab Testing The following are offered as In-House labs tests available:

Blood Tests

  • CBC – Complete Blood Count
  • BS – Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride tests

Urine Tests

  • U/A – Urinalysis
  • B-HCG – Pregnancy test


  • Strep ICON – Strep rapid test
  • Influenza A & B – Flu test
  • RSV – Respiratory Synciticial Virus


  • Most Cultures – Urine, stool, skin, vaginal, etc. – can be obtained at our office to be sent out

Outside Laboratory Services
When more extensive or complex laboratory testing is required, an outside lab will be used. Most commonly this will be tRMC or LabCorp. We recommend that you become familiar with your insurance company’s reimbursement preference. Occasionally a specialty lab may need to be used; arrangements will need to be made in advance.


Like our lab, we offer many Pediatric procedures for those bumps encountered on your child’s road. While this is not an all inclusive list, we offer the following:

  • Immunizations
  • Allergy Shot Administration
  • Vision and Hearing Screening
  • PPD placement
  • Wart Treatment
  • Simple wound repair (others are referred to specialists)
  • Impacted Cerumen (ear wax) Removal
  • Foreign Body Removal (some will require referral)
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • ADHD Evaluations

ADHD Evaluations

Approximately one out of every ten children has ADHD, a disorder of attention and impulsivity. The diagnosis is not simple; there is no “ADHD Test.” The evaluation takes time, patience, and thought. If you suspect your child may have ADHD or it has been suggested that he/she be “tested,” we recommend the following:

Teacher Conference
First, ask for a conference with his/her teacher to discuss both of your observations. You may have some helpful suggestions; likewise, the teacher may have several ideas she would like to try. Teamwork is essential.

Next, if warranted, discuss your concerns with your physician. A questionnaire* for both you and his/her teacher(s) may be given. The teacher(s) may return her/his portion of the questionnaire directly to us either by fax (803) 534-1441 or mail: The Pediatric Clinic, 940 Holly NE, Orangeburg, SC, 29115. *Results will be discussed at the medical conference with your health care provider. Physical examinations, hearing and vision screens are scheduled if not current within the past six months.

Medical Conference
A conference will be set up to discuss your observations, your concerns, the results of the questionnaires, and additional information you may have. Enough information may have been gathered to make a diagnosis. It is not unusual that more evaluation or intervention may be requested such as:

  • School Psychological Evaluation (private or through school district)
  • Connor’s Computerized Evaluation (done at our office)
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Academic Modifications
  • Section 504 Recommendations
  • IDEA and IEP Recommendations

Treatment Plan
If the diagnosis of ADHD is confirmed, recommendations for medical intervention as well as behavior and academic modifications are discussed with the provider.

Follow-up visits are scheduled at least monthly until the results are satisfactory and then regularly for monitoring. PE’s are required every six months; quarterly medical questionnaires are to be completed to monitor potential side effects and other concerns. Also Note:

Medication Refills
For refills a 24 hour notice is required. Refills will only be written if the patient has had a current physical exam at The Pediatric Clinic and whose financial balance is in good standing. Most ADHD medications are controlled and therefore: only one month of medication may be prescribed at a time, refills may NOT be called in, only approved adults may pick up the prescriptions. We recommend using email or our Patient Portal for refill requests.

We will bill your insurance for all aspects of your child’s evaluation. Depending on your policy, all, some or none may be covered.